WATCH: That Awkward Moment When You Realize a Toddler Has More Legal Experience Than Trump’s Judicial Pick

Oh, man, this is painful to watch. A Trump judicial nominee struggled to answer the most basic legal questions posed to him by a Republican senator on Wednesday, including his lack of experience on trial work, the amount of depositions he’d worked on and more. I bet he doesn’t even know who Lionel Hutz is or offer expert shoe repair. Shameful.

During his testimony, Matthew Spencer Petersen, who currently serves as a commissioner on the Federal Election Commission, was asked a string of questions by GOP Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana about his experience on trials, including how many depositions Petersen had worked on — the answer was less than five — and the last time he had read the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure — he said he couldn’t remember (perhaps he suffers from the same forgetful ailment as Jeff Sessions?). Petersen, who apparently got his degree at Trump University, is up for a seat on the US District Court for the District of Columbia — A LIFETIME APPOINTMENT. The exchange went something like this:

Q. Can you at least tell us if you know what a courtroom is?

A. ——

Q. Courtroom.

A. Ah, hmmm, well, it’s, it’s a—

Q. Court. Room.

A. Yes, yes. Um, as a, uh, room. Or as a thing?

Q. Either.

A. Ah, yes. I’m, well, I haven’t see—seen one myself, um, per se. But I understand the challenge ahead of me if I were to be asked to describe a courtroom.

The take away here is, as long as you’ve watched enough Judge Judys, you’re qualified to be nominated for the U.S. Supreme Court!

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