Tweets About Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un and Ann Coulter… Oh My!

We dived into the dark hole of Twitter to find the most entertaining Tweets for you, because you have a meaningful, productive life outside of the Internet and we don’t…

Trump Tweet
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And Trump would want to enter its dressing room.

Trump Venn Diagram
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Additional shared relation: Maturity of a toddler (no offense to toddlers)

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A Democrat who’s been dead for more than half a century had sex with an adult, so it’s totally okay for Roy Moore to molest children! –The logic of Ann Coulter

Tweet about Keurig Boycotting Hannity
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And make sure those coffee beans aren’t aged!

Tweet about Trump Saying Putin Didn't Meddle in Election
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Plus, Putin PINKY PROMISED. So there!

Tweet about Fox News
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One fun idea they’ve been bouncing around: New-and-improved Clinton conspiracy theories.

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GOP = “Gross Old Perverts”

There, Fixed It — We Improved Louis C.K.’s Statement Confirming He’s a Gross, Abusive Perv

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