The Trumps Go to Texas

While people die in flood-ravaged Texas and watch their homes and lives be destroyed, Trump made an appearance with these words of support:

“What a crowd, what a turnout!”

My ratings will be even bigger than Harvey’s — mark my words!

Meanwhile, a Houston police officer died after he drove into floodwaters on his way to work, and what does Trump have to say about the efforts?

“We’ll congratulate each other when it’s all finished.”

So intent on claiming credit and giving out pats on back, that Trump didn’t bother to utter one word about the dead and displaced. Surprised he didn’t inject a mention of his electoral college victory, as well.

Administrations often tread carefully in planning visits to disaster-ravaged areas. Mobilizing a president, his staff and his security is an enormous logistical undertaking and can pull local law enforcement resources away from the disaster recovery efforts. But Trump was determined, refusing to let the best interests of the disaster area get in the way of his photo op.

Meanwhile, Melania showed her solidarity with the victims of Hurricane Harvey by donning her sexiest stilettos:

“Let them wear Jimmy Choos!”

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