Trump’s Accusers Appear on Megyn Kelly’s Show in Some Crazy Attempt to Hold Him Accountable

One benefit of Trump being an oily salesman is that nothing seems to stick to him — especially the 20 sexual harassment and assault accusations against him. Twenty! However, now that it’s become clear the #MeToo movement ain’t goin’ anywhere, three of the presidents accusers have stepped forward again — appearing at a press conference and on Megyn Kelly’s show — to remind us that, yes, they’re still here, that Trump did harass them and that their charges should be taken as seriously as those against other politicians, such as Franken and Franks.

(Franken and Franks — sounds like a buddy cop comedy in which the two officers must go undercover in a House of Hot Dogs and hilarity, naturally, ensues. But I suppose their wieners are what got them in trouble in the first place…)

The women called for a congressional probe and hearings into their allegations against Trump. “They’ve investigated other Congress members, so I think it only stands fair that he be investigated as well,” said Samantha Holvey, a former Miss USA contestant who says Trump would walk into the dressing room at the pageant. Rachel Crooks, who says Trump forcibly kissed her, concurred and told Megyn Kelly that the president should be subject to some kind of process or investigation. “They were more than willing to do that for Senator Franken,” Crooks said, speaking about the Senate. “Why is the president immune to that?”

Good question.

The White House responded with its typical compassion and understanding, releasing a statement dismissing the women’s allegations as politically motivated “false claims.” Because we all know the oh-so-pious and respectful President Pussy Grabber would never treat women in such a way!


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