Trump Tattoos That Make You Say, “Hmmmm…”

If Mueller doesn’t mysteriously “disappear” after a visit from a Russian agent, then it’s possible Trump’s presidency may be over before it even started. But these tattoos of Trump that his most ardent supporters got…? They are FOREVER.

via CNN

Looks like he’s kissing the presidency good-bye. After a long, rough night of nonstop mean-Tweeting.


Pretty spot-on. Especially the part where he looks like a big man-baby.

I see the dollar signs are a popular motif. Tattooing “Chapter 11” beside him six times would be a more fitting look.

The “T” is for wire “TAPP.

When you just give up.

That’s what I look like when I read his Tweets in the morning.

A Trump tramp stamp. Parcel says, *RETURN TATTOO SUBJECT TO TRUMP TOWER*

“Hey, Donald! How many days have you actually worked since taking office?”

Okay, yeah, I like this one. Not enough to get it SEARED INTO MY SKIN FOREVER, but enough to encourage my friends to do so after a few margaritas.

Damn, this artist has serious skills. All it needs is Mueller peering over his shoulder, with a speech bubble that says, “Big mistake. HUGE!”

So, Yeah, About That Wall…

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