Trump Still Hasn’t Reached Out to Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer’s Family, the Mayor or His Conscience

It’s been five days since the horrifying events of Charlottesville, and Trump has yet to actually pick up the phone and call the mayor of Charlottesville to express his condolences and/or offer assistance and/or bring Play-Doh. Perhaps because Trump can’t talk with his foot perpetually in his mouth.

When Mayor Michael Signer was on CNN tonight, my boy Anderson Cooper asked if the president had been in contact. And surprise, surprise…

“He has not,” Signer replied. “I got a call on Saturday that he was going to call, and an aide was in touch with me and said that I should expect a call and that never came.”

Story of Tiffany’s life.

He added, “And I was asked on Monday, sitting down with our congressman here, would I take a call from the president. I said, ‘Of course, of course, I would,’ and still have not.”

Trump did, however, take the time to boast he owns a winery in Charlottesville — one of the “largest.” Serves only whites, no doubt.

Trump also admitted he hasn’t reached out to the family of Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old woman who was killed when a neo-Nazi drove his car into the crowd of counterprotesters.

“No. I will be reaching out,” Trump said when asked by The Hill.

We searched under Trump’s hair to see if we could locate his conscience, but no sign of it anywhere.

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