Trump Lawyer Accuses Mueller of ‘Unlawfully’ Obtaining Emails, So You Know What That Means…

Trump’s in deep doo-doo.

In yet another desperate move to discredit Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation, Trump’s lawyer has accused Mueller of obtaining emails and other records from Trump’s transition team “unlawfully.” The lawyer whined in a letter to Congress on Saturday that the General Services Administration, the government agency that had the transition team’s emails, had handed over the materials to Mr. Mueller’s investigators in August without allowing lawyers for the transition team to review them. The documents, the lawyer cried, should have been shielded by various privileges, like attorney-client privilege. (Translation: It’s illegal to legally find out we did illegal stuff during the transition and lied to the FBI about it.)

And if Mueller wanted to get those emails, he should have just gone on TV and said, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the thousands of Trump transition emails.” That’s how the Trump team would’ve handled it, anyway.

Officials with both the Special Counsel’s Office and GSA, however, pushed back against the Trump campaign lawyer’s claims in the hours after the letter was issued, calling total B.S.

Among the materials obtained by Mueller were emails, laptops and cellphones for nine members of Trump’s transition team who worked on national security and policy matters, as well as very special pictures taken during the transition.

Right now, Trump’s henchmen are like…



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