Tremendous News: Betsy DeVos is One Step Closer to Protecting Our Children from Grizzly Bears!

Today’s op-ed from our guest columnist, The Patriot Lady…

Despite Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos’s performance at her confirmation hearing, which was called “horribly embarrassing,” “stunningly bad” and a “TOTAL SH*T SHOW” — and those were the kinder reviews — a Senate committee today voted to advance her nomination. As you can imagine, Trump was pleased — as well he should be! It’s not every day we have the good fortune of appointing unqualified billionaires to help run the country.

Of course those liber-losers are crying about our Education Department being headed up by a woman who doesn’t know the difference between proficiency and growth, believes schools should be armed with guns in the event of a grizzly bear attack, and appeared further at sea during the whole hearing than Magellan ever was; however, if they just bothered to look at the Senate committee’s Secretary of Education criteria checklist, then they’d see DeVos checks off every box!

Once DeVos clears the next hurdle — and I don’t mean the ones Speaker Ryan ordered for the House gym to work on those glutes — on the Senate floor, we’ll finally have an answer to President Bush’s pressing question: “Is our children learning?”

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