Today’s Hottest Flashes!

‘Skinny Repeal’ is a Big, Fat Failure

Reince Priebus Pushed Out of the Presidential Motorcade

Pretty much literally kicked to the curb. Thanks for your loyalty!


Bezos World’s Richest Person

But probably just briefly. Poor guy. 🙁

Kellyanne Conway Throws Reince Priebus Under the Bus

“Welcome!” Sean Spicer and Jeff Sessions greeted him, the tire marks embedded on their faces.

Trump “Generously” Donates Salary to Education Department

And he only needs to donate 92,000 more of his salaries to make up for his education budget cuts!


How Trump is Empowering Violent Gang Members

Trump promised to crack down on this gang. Instead they’re growing and thriving, thanks to his aggressive anti-immigration policy.

US Joint Chiefs Blindsided by Trump’s Transgender Ban

“Tell me I’m not worthy” to my face, she says.

Military Spends 5X More on Viagra Than Trans Medical Care

Make America Erect Again!

Lindsey Graham: “Holy Hell to Pay” If Jeff Sessions Is fired

Oh, IT’S ON!

Stephen Colbert Producing Trump Cartoon for Showtime

As if real-life Trump weren’t cartoonish enough.

Married People Have Best Sex

There goes the material of 99% of comedians.

Hillary’s New Book

Should be called, “BUT HER E-MAILS…!”

New York Times Demands Apology from Fox News

Fox take responsibility for fake news? LOL.

‘Skinny Repeal’ is a Big, Fat Failure

Leave Chris Christie Alone!