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    Pro-Trump Group Has Pre-Teen Girl Interview Roy Moore. Yes. For Real.

    In quite the show of judgment, a pro-Trump super PAC arranged for a 12-year-old girl to interview Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, even as numerous women accuse him of stalking and molesting them as young teenagers.

    Now there’s a PR tactic we didn’t expect: offering us a visual of Moore with his ideal girlfriend.

    The America First Project brought Millie March, a girl whose interviews during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) went viral, to Alabama to interview Moore.

    “We decided that we were going to bring Millie to Alabama, after everything that’s happened in this Alabama Senate race up until this point,” America First Project’s Jennifer Lawrence said in the video, adding that the group wanted “to show there is a wide range of people who support Roy Moore.”

    Translation: After Moore admitted “dating” minors, we thought it was important to send Millie to interview him to show that even 12-year-olds are cool with that!

    Hopefully, this interview was supervised at ALL TIMES. No word on whether Millie has marked herself “safe” on Facebook. We’ll keep you posted.

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    These Pictures from Trump’s Pensacola Rally Say It All

    Trump was in Pensacola, Fla. yesterday to rally support in Alabama for the child molester running for senate. Such fun! And, really, all you need to know about the embarrassing circus can be summed up in these pictures.

    “And you think this crowd is big, you should see right now what’s outside,” boasted Trump. “Congratulations.”

    This is the “big crowd.” Rivals the one at his inauguration!

    These were the kind of people there to support Trump and Moore. Charming. That woman clearly has a lot of self-respect.

    Photo source

    Trump promotes racism, assaults women, mocks disabled reporters and colludes with Russia, and the guy he’s touting molests and stalks little girls, but none of that matters because HE’S BRINGING “MERRY CHRISTMAS” BACK! Even though it never went anywhere. A Christmas miracle, indeed.

    Oh, he’s all in.

    Seriously. This is all they care about.

    Yikes, now I’m getting freaked out. These people do realize Trump wouldn’t know Jesus from Jared Leto, right?

    Okay, in Trump’s defense, I wouldn’t either.

    Wait — where have I seen that before? Let me think, let me think…

    Oh. Right.

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    8 Most Ridiculous Quotes from Roy Moore’s Spokeswoman

    This morning, CNN’s Poppy Harlow interviewed Janet Porter, a spokeswoman for Roy Moore’s Senate campaign, about those pesky child molestation accusations and, well, this screenshot pretty much sums it up.

    Porter, who’s also known as “Janet Fogler,” is just a delight, having campaigned against LGBTQ+ rights for more than two decades and founded Faith2Action, an organization considered an “active anti-LGBT hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. So, as you can imagine, she charmed the maternity pants off Poppy with quotes such as these:

    1. “By the way, congratulations on your unborn child. That’s the reason why I came down is to volunteer to speak for Judge Roy Moore, because he will stand for the rights of babies like yours in the womb, where his opponent will support killing them up to the moment of birth.”

    (Pretty sure I’ve seen that on a Hallmark baby wishes card.)

    2. “I don’t believe her at all, and I will tell you why. Not only was she sought after by The Washington Post, her mother doesn’t believe elements of her story, the element of the phone call that took place in her bedroom, and the mother said there was no phone in her bedroom.”

    Porter is referring to Leigh Corfman, the woman who says Moore fondled her when she was 14. Corfman’s mother did tell Breitbart News that her daughter didn’t have a phone in her room but added: “The phone in the house could get through to her easily.” But don’t let facts get in the way of Janet trying to discredit a victim of child molestation!

    3. “One of the jobs of journalists is to not just take an Academy Award performance at face value.”

    …And they should validate points of the story, find friends and family to corroborate — oh, wait, they did.

    4. “We need to make it clear there’s a group of non-accusers that have not accused the judge of any sexual misconduct or anything illegal.”

    So Moore’s defense is that he hasn’t molested every single teenage girl in Alabama. Those conservatives continue to set such a high bar of morality!

    #5 – “You should be talking about the fact that Judge Roy Moore stands for protection, not only of our Second Amendment rights so we can protect ourselves against predators, and the rights of babies like your baby, Doug Jones says you can take the life of that …”

    Poppy wasn’t playin’ that. “Let’s leave my child out of this,” she said testily. “Let’s leave my child out of this.” Oh, SNAP! as the kids don’t say anymore.

    #6 – “She’s the yearbook forger lady.”

    That’s Porter’s nickname for Beverly Nelson, who just happens to be a Trump supporter, with nothing to gain from coming forward about her harrowing experience except, apparently, a derisive nickname.

    #7 – “This is all about the Supreme Court of the United States. You realize this is a winner-take-all race, and the one who wins this race is the one that will decide the Supreme Court for the next 30 or 40 years.”

    Sounds like this one was ripped straight out of the Trump Book of Stupid Hyperbole. Cutting through the nonsense, Porter was probably attempting to say that the Senate confirms Supreme Court justices and Republicans can only appoint conservative judges if they control 50 or more seats. Of course, even if Moore lost, Republicans would still have 51 seats, but… again, don’t let facts get in the way of Janet’s defense of the child molester. She’s on a roll!

    #8 -“I side, instead of with the lynch mob media, instead of the Democrat liberals, instead of the convicted felons that George Soros is looking for the vote, I stand for the man that has an impeccable character.”

    “Impeccable.” You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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    We Hit the Campaign Trail with Roy Moore — You’ll Never Believe What We Found

    Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore shows no signs of withdrawing from the race, even though five women have accused him of pursuing and assaulting them when they were teenagers–so aggressively so that he was banned from the local mall. But we are nothing if not completely impartial here at The NewsFlasher, so we thought we’d balance out the l’il pedophilia factor by covering a day in his campaign. Here’s what we saw…

    8:00 a.m. — Moore canvasses wooded areas of the neighborhood to have one-on-one talks with “potential supporters.” Such a personal touch!

    11:00 a.m. — Moore selflessly promotes civic engagement by jumping at the opportunity to spend some time with a local Girl Scout troop.

    1:00 p.m. — A huge champion of education, Moore eats at the local high school to get a feel for what the students’ needs are. 

    3:00 p.m. — Being the avid reader that he is, Moore shops at the local mall for books to enjoy over the holidays. The cashier keeps furtively looking over at him, clearly in awe of being in the presence of a future senator!

    3:15 — Minutes later, security storms the book store and abruptly escorts Moore out of the mall. How rude!

    5:00 — Moore dictates a nasty Tweet about Mitch McConnell to one of his staffers. “Twitter it!” he instructs.

    6:00 — Moore takes it upon himself to groom a potential intern he spots at a rally.

    8:00 p.m. — Moore unwinds from his hectic day of campaigning by watching a relaxing movie.

    See? Just a normal, not-at-all pedophilic guy.

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    Mitch McConnell Bravely Takes Anti-Child Molestation Stance

    In spite of many conservatives standing behind accused child molester Roy Moore, who, as comedian Marie Connor astutely points out, “looks like the cowboy from The Village People after a 30-day stay at Mike Pence’s Gay Conversion Camp”…

    …Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell surprised many today by asserting that he — GASP! — believes the ever-growing allegations against the Alabama Republican Senate nominee and that Moore should leave the race.

    An actual shot of McConnell talking to reporters this morning:

    Shortly thereafter, Moore responded maturely via Twitter.

    In other words, “I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!” — a phrase Moore probably learned while trolling the middle school playground for dates.

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