So Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock Walk into the White House…

In a move that makes it clear why the White House has stopped making their visitor log public, inventor of the word “refudiate,” Sarah Palin, serial assaulter Kid Rock, and gun f*cker Ted Nugent visited Donald Trump at the White House yesterday.

“President Trump’s invitation for dinner included bringing a couple of friends,” Palin wrote on her web page, which displays a series of behind-the-scenes snapshots with Trump, who hasn’t grinned this much since he won musical chairs the Children’s Hospital. And, as touching as those photos are, I felt something was… missing… and I finally put my finger on it: MAMA JUNE. So I Photoshopped Mama June into the pics and, not surprisingly, she makes everything right again!

Mama June and the Gang in the Oval Office.

Mama June looks on as the gang tries to sound out “MEM-OR-AN-DUM.”

Mama June and Sarah Palin entertain themselves while Trump busies himself with the VERY important business of calling NBC News to demand they stop using the pictures of him with a double chin.

Seriously, NBC, show some respect.

Mama June shows the rest of those clowns how to work it in front of a portrait of The Most Admired Woman in the World, first female presidential candidate of a major party and the winner of more popular votes than any white male presidential candidate in history, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is once again head and shoulders above the likes of Palin and those two high school dropouts.

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