Pop Quiz: Why Did Donald Trump Look at the Sun During the Eclipse?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or avoiding your work as the leader of the free world by vacationing at your New Jersey golf course, you’ve heard the copious warnings to NOT, under any circumstances, look at the sun during today’s solar eclipse without protective eyewear. Like, so, so many warnings. A ridiculous amount of warnings.

Naturally, Trump didn’t heed their warnings.

Pop quiz time! Why did Trump look directly at the solar eclipse without protective glasses?

  1. He was willing to go blind in hopes of proving scientists’ warnings are a hoax.
  2. He heard Obama was wearing glasses.
  3. He’s convinced there are “many sides” to the eclipse — and he’s looking at the “very fine” side.
  4. Melania told him it was perfectly safe while crossing her fingers behind her back.
  5. That’s how he maintains his healthy orange glow.
  6. He’s auditioning a new press secretary to see how convincingly s/he’ll tell reporters he was not, in fact, looking at the sun. Period.
  7. Well, it DOES pretty much encapsulate his presidency.
  8. None of the above. Trump looked at the sun because ___________.

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