These Pictures from Trump’s Pensacola Rally Say It All

Trump was in Pensacola, Fla. yesterday to rally support in Alabama for the child molester running for senate. Such fun! And, really, all you need to know about the embarrassing circus can be summed up in these pictures.

“And you think this crowd is big, you should see right now what’s outside,” boasted Trump. “Congratulations.”

This is the “big crowd.” Rivals the one at his inauguration!

These were the kind of people there to support Trump and Moore. Charming. That woman clearly has a lot of self-respect.

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Trump promotes racism, assaults women, mocks disabled reporters and colludes with Russia, and the guy he’s touting molests and stalks little girls, but none of that matters because HE’S BRINGING “MERRY CHRISTMAS” BACK! Even though it never went anywhere. A Christmas miracle, indeed.

Oh, he’s all in.

Seriously. This is all they care about.

Yikes, now I’m getting freaked out. These people do realize Trump wouldn’t know Jesus from Jared Leto, right?

Okay, in Trump’s defense, I wouldn’t either.

Wait — where have I seen that before? Let me think, let me think…

Oh. Right.

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