O Cannabis! Canada Planning to Legalize Marijuana

Prime Minister and Canadian dreamboat Justin Trudeau is rushing to legalize recreational marijuana, which is already big business in Canada. The drug was approved for medicinal use 20 years ago, and almost 30 percent of young adults say they use it recreationally. Which I never would have guessed by looking at young Canadian Justin Bieber.

In fact, the world’s biggest marijuana companies have grown up in Canada, with several of their large pot corporations even trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Under Trudeau’s plan, which is expected to pass, households will have the right to grow as many as four plants, while anyone older than 18 will be able to buy marijuana directly from the country’s 43 licensed producers, or LPs, which ship medical pot to patients in canisters through the mail. It will be up to the 10 provincial and three territorial governments to decide whether to let LPs sell their cannabis in provincially run liquor stores, or if the provinces need to create something new such as specialty cannabis stores.

“Criminal prohibition has failed to protect our kids and our communities,” said Bill Blair, a lawmaker and former Toronto police chief whom Trudeau appointed to manage the legislation, adding that the government hoped to begin allowing legal sales by mid-2018.

So Canadians get legal marijuana and Justin Trudeau, while we get…

Hmpf. Suppose this is karma for siccing David Hasselhoff’s music career on the rest of the world.

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