Multi-Millionaire Sean Spicer Steals $60 Mini-Fridge from Junior White House Staffers

That’s cold, man.

Sean Spicer had many memorable moments as White House Press Secretary. That time he housed spinach in his teeth, for instance. When he claimed Trump had the biggest inaugural audience ever. PERIOD. When his mispronounced every name under the sun. So it’s no surprise that the parting story about his tenure as press secretary is equally as memorable: HE STOLE A F&#@ING MINI-FRIDGE FROM LOW-LEVEL STAFF.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Spicey had really, really, wanted a mini-fridge for his office about a month into his job. Oh, how he coveted the junior staffers’ fridge! Sure, he may be worth anywhere from $3-8.5 million, but instead of buying one himself for $60, Spicey sent someone to ask the junior staffers down the hall to give them their fridge.

Uh, no, said the group of people that the Journal described as “surviving on Lean Cuisine frozen lunches.”

That’s when Spicey hatched a brilliant plan.

“That mini-fridge will be mine. ALL MINE!”

“So Mr. Spicer waited until sundown—after his young staffers had left—to take matters into his own hands,” the Journal wrote. “He was spotted by a fellow White House official lugging the icebox down the White House driveway after 8 p.m.”

“Under the cover of darkness,” as some noted. Which is the perfect description for how this entire White House administration operates.

Oh, Spicey, We Hardly Knew Ye

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