Mike Huckabee Wants Us to Leave Child Molester Josh Duggar Alone!


Okay, sure, Josh Duggar admitted that he molested multiple underage girls — including his own sisters — and his parents didn’t go to the authorities until the statute of limitations had out, but presidential hopeful and apparent pedophile advocate Mike Huckabee wants us to leave the poor guy alone!  I mean, gosh, as Huckabee said on Facebook:

“Good people make mistakes.”

Killing five people makes you a serial killer, but molesting five girls?  A “mistake.”

Lest you think Huckabeee is dismissing CHILD MOLESTATION as being on the same level as writing the wrong name on somebody’s coffee cup simply because the Duggars have vigorously campaigned for him, it turns out that Huckabee has a history of leniency with famous “mistake makers”:






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