Melania Trump’s Best Defense of Husband: “He’s Not Hitler”

In an extensive interview with DuJour magazine, Melania Trump defended her husband’s repeated calls for a ban on Muslims entering the United States by clarifying “he’s not Hitler.”

The Muslim ban—which Donald had re-affirmed his support of the very morning of the interview—prompted Michael Bloomberg to call him a demagogue. When the interviewer mentions that Louis C.K. likened Trump to Hitler, Melania responded with a blank stare. When asked if she knows the comedian, she replied:

“No,” shaking her head. But she continues: “We know the truth. He’s not Hitler… Even with the Muslims, it’s temporary.”

Phew! He’s not Hitler! We can all rest easy with that glowing defense of her husband. Other forthcoming endorsements include:

  • He only demands that she call him “Mussolini” when they’re having sex.
  • He never ogles his daughter unless she’s wearing a short skirt.
  • His hair is tangerine, not orange, for crying out loud.
  • He’s always there for his kids except the 365 days that he’s not.
  • He’s not a white nationalist; he just welcomes their support.


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