John Oliver Extends Olive Branch to North Korea: Weird Al Playing the Accordion

I’ve gotta be honest: I’m not sure if this is going to help or hurt our case. But, as FDR used to say, “I suppose accordion-based diplomacy is better than Twitter-fueled threats.”

On Sunday night’s episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver focused his 25-minute segment on — what else? — the increasingly acrimonious relationship between the United States and North Korea. John appealed to Kim Jong un via the international language of accordion, offering up Weird Al Yankovic and a full polka band (beginning at around 24:30 into the video above).

Weird Al kicks off the song:

“Would you annihilate us if you had the chance / That’s such an antisocial thing to do / You got us crapping our collective pants / I suggest you take it down a notch or two.”

Then gets right to the point:

“Please don’t nuke us North Korea / Right now we’re all a little tense / Believe me, we don’t hate you / Frankly, we don’t think that much about you, no offense.”

Then drives it home with (inter)national treasure Tom Hanks:

“We’re not savages or cannibals, well maybe just a really, really, really small percent,” they shouldn’t “turn us into cinder while we’re swiping right on Tinder,” and if they bomb us, that means they’re bombing Tom Hanks, and “nobody doesn’t like Tom Hanks.”

Don’t do it for us. DO IT FOR TOM HANKS.


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