Why Hillary Clinton is to Blame for Harvey Weinstein

Today’s op-ed from my guest columnist, The Patriot Lady…

Look, Harvey Weinstein is a gross bastard. He sexually harassed, assaulted and harangued so many women, they could fill up Mitt Romney’s binders.

And nobody is disputing the victims’ claims, like we conservatives did with the now-president’s accusers, because there’s one thing legitimizing these accusations that the president’s accusers lacked:

They were harassed by a liberal. So it MUST be true. An infallible rule of thumb:

All accusations waged against this guy: TRUE.

Any and all accusations leveled at these pillars of morality: FALSE. So false, in fact, that the accusers are opportunistic, whorish puppets of the Democratic Party. Always.

I don’t make the rules, okay? I just abide by whatever Dana Loesch tells me. Which, incidentally, is how I also ended up with this sweet-ass shirt.

Now that we’ve established that Weinstein is a verifiable piece of shit and my gun show is unparalleled, it’s time to call out who’s really to blame for Weinstein’s behavior: HILLARY CLINTON. I mean, my God. She accepted donations from the producer without ONCE asking if he had a habit of pleasuring himself in front of unwitting women. Might as well have handed him the bathrobe and massage oils herself. SICK. Think of all the women she could have protected if she’d simply thought to say, “So, have you asked to shower in front of any young actresses lately?” Any real feminist would have done that. Heck, a real feminist would have been able to read the minds of his accusers without even knowing who they were. But, once again, Hillary failed. She failed to stand up for the women that she didn’t even know were being harassed and, equally as upsetting, she failed to convince voters she genuinely liked hot sauce. No wonder she lost the election.

And what does Hillary do once Weinstein’s victims start coming forward? SHE DENOUNCES HIM DAYS LATER. Well, we in the more women-friendly GOP (Grabbers of Pussy) won’t let her get away with a slightly delayed condemnation. No, sir.

Right on, Junior! Took your dad just ONE DAY to falsely accuse Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, of having a sex tape after she revealed he’d disparaged her for gaining weight and being Latina. Now that’s a timely response. The response of a childish troll you’d expect to find living in his parents’ basement and not the White House, sure, but at least it was an efficient one.

Excellent point, Tomi. After all, Republicans immediately denounced billionaire donor Robert Mercer when it was uncovered he was a White National — oh, wait.

Oh, burn! Hillary should have taken her cue from Kellyanne — to truly protest Weinstein’s sexual harassment, she should have gone to work for him!

Thankfully, we’re now blessed with a president who feels for women. Like, literally feels them up, but… let’s not get caught up in the details (see above rule of thumb) and stick to: “BUT HILLARY!”

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