Fox News Lied About Seth Rich at Request of White House, Lawsuit Alleges

Rod Wheeler, a private detective, speaking to Fox News host and tinfoil hat brigade member, Sean Hannity

More than two months after Fox News retracted a story that claimed slain DNC staffer Seth Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks before he was murdered, a lawsuit was filed by Fox News contributor and private investigator Rod Wheeler alleging quotes attributed to him in the bogus article were made up. What’s more, Wheeler claims Fox News and the White House were in cahoots on the fake story as a way to distract from the ongoing Russia probe.

Shocking — just shocking! Heck, Trump probably dictated the story himself.

As you may remember, host Sean Hannity couldn’t stop pushing the conspiracy theory, even though Rich’s family told him to cut. it. out.¬†And it’s pissing off some Fox employees¬†that nobody’s getting canned for promulgating this fake news.

Actual screenshot of Hannity blabbering on

It’s only appropriate Hannity’s wrapped in that tinfoil because his reputation is getting COOKED. Not to mention he’s getting SMOKED in the ratings by Rachel Maddow. (See what I did there?)

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