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Denmark’s Prince Henrik Pissed He Never Became King, Refuses to Be Buried with Wife

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Denmark’s Prince Henrik Pissed He Never Became King, Refuses to Be Buried with Wife

Sour Danish.

“Screw this. I’ll be king of the after-life!”

Prince Henrik of Denmark is protesting his title for all eternity.

The prince has announced he doesn’t want to be buried with his wife, Queen Margrethe II, because he’s mad he was never made King Consort. So there!

The pair have been married since 1967. Margrethe, who ascended to the throne after her father died, has been queen for 45 of those years. Over which time Henrik has not been shy about expressing his discontent. I guess you could say he’s a royal pain in the butt.

Poor Henrik. Just imagine him sitting in bed, a lowly prince, watching this scene from The Lion King night after night:

The BBC reports that the 77-year-old queen is “said to have accepted her husband’s decision.” In fact, she’s happy she won’t have to hear his damn whining anymore. Plus she won’t have to worry about him hogging all the space in the sarcophagus.

Henrik once told Le Figaro that he is angry and feels discriminated against.

“Why be only a prince and merely a Highness but not Majesty, without any status?” the Prince said. “Denmark, which is known as a fervent defender of gender equality, would be inclined to consider husbands as worth less than their wives? How can we explain to younger generations the usefulness of the monarchical system?”

How can we explain it, indeed. But not for that reason.

Henrik, 83, is originally from France, and apparently spends most of his time at a vineyard there since he retired last year, as you can see:

“Merely a highness!” he cries.

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