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Delta Dares to Move Ann Coulter from Aisle to Window Seat, All Hell Breaks Loose

Oh no, you di-in’t, Delta.

In what was CLEARLY a cold and calculated attack on one of our country’s dearest and most kind-hearted pundits, Delta Airlines had the audacity to move Ann Coulter from an aisle seat to a — wait for it… wait for it… — WINDOW SEAT.

HORRIBLE. How can any passenger be expected to live this way, gazing upon the clouds in the very same row that she’d wanted? Thankfully, Ms. Coulter handled the injustice with her usual grace and sensitivity.


And on and on and on. To which Delta replied:

Oh, snap! Perhaps Delta would have been more sympathetic to the delicate snowflake if they realized she NEEDED to be in the aisle seat with easy access to the bathroom because she’s so full of shit.

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