8 Best Tweets About McCabe Abruptly “Stepping Down” as F.B.I. Deputy

Another one bites the dust…

Andrew G. McCabe has resigned as the F.B.I.’s deputy director after months of childish taunts from President Trump, telling friends he felt pressure from the head of the bureau to leave. Also, let’s face it — he likely was a little disappointed that he hadn’t earned a nickname from the president yet (just one “Clinton Crony McCabe” Tweet is all he wanted!). Although he never got that nickname, he did warrant an asinine remark from Trump, who reportedly once laid into McCabe by “suggesting he ask his wife how it feels to be a loser.” The dig was an apparent reference to his wife, Jill McCabe, and her failed Democratic campaign for Virginia state legislature in 2015. “Okay, sir,” McCabe replied — at which point Twat… er, Trump… hung up.

Let’s see what the Internet thinks of all this, shall we?

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