2018 State of the Union Address: A Picture Story

It involves a lot of clapping. And looks. And Chapstick.

#1 – Trump clapped for himself. A lot. Directly into the microphone. Which is how we¬†imagine the White House sounds most evenings — just the echo of Trump’s meaty hands slapping together reverberating down empty hallways over the low din of Fox & Friends.

#2 – Nancy Pelosi attempted to kill with a look.

#3 –¬† Melania finished off the job.

#4 – Paul Ryan clearly wishes Mike Pence would call him “Mother.”

#5 – Joe Kennedy delivered a great response for the Democrats, though it appears he overdid it with the Vaseline after all the hot air that Trump was blowing left him with dry lips.

#6 – The Generals looked just thrilled about Trump’s declaration that we’re increasing our nuclear arsenal.


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