10 U.S. Navy Sailors Missing After Collision at Sea — “Too Bad!” says Trump

Tragedy has yet again struck one of the United States’ warships in Asian waters, with a widespread search operation currently underway for 10 American sailors who went missing after their guided-missile destroyer collided with a larger oil tanker off Singapore.

The USS John S. McCain — named after the father and grandfather of the Arizona senator — is the second Navy ship in three months involved in a collision with a merchant ship from another country, this time a a 30,000-ton chemical and oil tanker sailing under the Libyan flag. Five sailors were also injured as a result of the crash.

When reporters asked Trump, who possesses the empathy of a cinder block, about the situation as he returned to the White House after a 17-day vacation spent mostly at his golf course, his initial response was:

“That’s too bad!”

Which, coincidentally, is exactly how I responded when my mom told me her potato soup at The Olive Garden was served cold.

Many hours later, Trump’s staff dictated a more compassionate response via — where else? — Twitter, complete with thoughts and prayers and other things Trump doesn’t genuinely dabble in. But in Trump’s defense, John McCain did kill his repeal of Obamacare, so a ship with his namesake really isn’t a big priority for Trump. Now if it were the David Duke Yacht — or, say, Ivanka’s clothing line getting dropped at Nordstrom‘s — THAT would be a real tragedy.

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